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1401 is a better rendition of sweet-smelling half breed Basmati Rice. It is the main early developing basmati rice assortment and has high return.

Experience the fine taste and the mouth-watering smell of the 1401 Basmati Rice. See! These are by all accounts not the only characteristics related with this recently evolved assortment of rice. It's every single grain cooks flawlessly and the simple sight and smell make it hard to fight the temptation to taste it. This variation of rice is a better rendition of the mixture sweet-smelling basmati rice with a typical grain length of 7.3 mm.

This assortment of rice is generally more current and subsequently, obviously superior to other people. Our specialists exceed everyone's expectations during the creation of the 1401 Basmati Rice. Request it now to taste the recently foster assortment of rice, which additionally positions among the best, and relish a taste more than ever.


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