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Organic Coco Peat Compost

Coco Peat based organic composts are prepared by bioconversion of washed coco peat using lignolytic mushroom which degrades the lignocellulosic content in coco peat and there-by improving the nutrient status, making it ideal for agricultural/horticultural use.

Benefits of Coco Peat Compost

  • Mixing coco peat compost with soil improves the soil texture by making sandy soil more compact and clayey soil more aerated

  • Improves soil aggregation

  • Increases the water retention capacity

  • Provides phytohormones

  • Increases soil native microfora

  • Increased cation exchange capacity

  • Increased microbiological activities leads to better nitrogen fixation and nitrification

Available In

  • 5 Kg PP Bags

  • 10 Kg PP Bags

  • 25 Kg PP Bags


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