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Indian Beaten Rice Exporter

Beaten rice additionally called straightened rice is principally rice which is smoothed, light, and dry. Beaten rice is a minimal expense healthy food with great dietary benefit. The Beaten Rice exporter in India sends out an enormous amount of the item consistently. Because of the developing notoriety of Beaten Rice everywhere, the Beaten Rice trade from India has been expanding throughout the long term. The Indian Beaten Rice exporter trades premium quality items abroad. The Beaten Rice send out incorporates the commodity of different assortments of Teff.


Beaten rice additionally called Chira is produced using paddy. It is famous in different pieces of India. Individuals of all age gatherings and from various districts love Beaten Rice recipes and consequently it is a mass utilization thing. This is, consequently, an extraordinary chance for the Beaten Rice exporter in India to grow his business and enter the global market. Because of the incredible nature of the item, Beaten Rice import from India has been ascending throughout the long term.


Product Name

Beaten Rice





Calories - 100 kcal

Total Carbohydrate 20 g

Dietary Fiber 2 g


Vitamin C

Vitamin B1


3 g





  • Beaten Rice can be polished off in various ways like absorbing crude water, broiled, with curd or milk or in the wake of cooking the doused one. Beaten Rice can be cooked without prior warning is in this way a helpful food thing.

  • Beaten Rice is additionally utilized in making tidbits and combinations. It is a well known food thing particularly in side of the road restaurants, in dhabas, Lodgings and such different spots.

  • Beaten Rice is really great for diabetics. As it is wealthy in fiber, it advances a gradual arrival of sugar into the circulation system.

  • Beaten Rice comprises of 76.9% of starches and around 23% of fats. The sound carbs are great for the body and give the energy to the body to complete its capabilities.


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