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Indian Dates Exporters

Dates are organic products are around 3-7 cm long, barrel shaped, containing a seed at the middle. They are sweet in taste and have a high sugar content in any event, when dried. Dates are a staple to the Center East. The Dates exporter in India trades dates to numerous nations on the planet. Because of the different purposes and advantages of Dates, the Dates trade from India has been expanding throughout the long term. This is, hence, a decent business opportunity for the Indian Dates exporter to grow his business and enter the worldwide market. Different assortments and characteristics of Dates are remembered for the Date send out from India.



Calories - 20 calories

Dietary Fiber - 0.6 g

Carbohydrate 5.33 g





The Dates import from India incorporates different assortments of Dates including Medjool, Hallwi, Zahidi et cetera. The superior nature of this large number of assortments is sent out to numerous nations on the planet by the Dates exporter in India. Here are a portion of the key assortments engaged with the commodity of Dates from India.


The Medjool assortment of dates is utilized in making smoothies, shakes and different sweet dishes. This assortment isn't appropriate for crude utilization. The dates are huge and meaty, with an appealing radiant yellow tone and a great taste. This assortment is likewise prevalently known as the 'Sovereign of Dates.'


Hallawi is different dates that is consumable in crude and dry structures. This assortment is open minded to downpours and is an early fruiting assortment that creates a decent yield. The typical yield of this assortment is around 50 - 80 kg for each tree. Despite the fact that this assortment can be eaten crude, the dates of this assortment are likewise made into great quality chuhara.


Zahidi is a mid-season cultivar of the dates that show a little resistance towards high stickiness and precipitation. The dates of this assortment are semi-dry and are known to be profoundly appropriate for handling into pind khajoor. The dates are little in size and are not reasonable for consuming crude.


The Khadrawi assortment of dates are somewhat less sweet when contrasted with Medjool. These dates are profoundly liked for their delicate and satiny consistency and brilliant red tissue. This assortment is accessible through the fall and early winters. The Khadrawi is a high yielding cultivar with nearly more modest trees.


The Barhee assortment of Dates has little, round organic products that are sweet in taste. The dates are smooth and crunchy in surface and a brilliant yellow tone. The dates of this assortment can be eaten crude because of its high tissue content. Barhee is an exceptionally high yielding cultivar of dates with a typical yield of around 60-110 kg for each tree.


The Hayany assortment is generally a piece of numerous sweets and dishes. This assortment is reasonable for eating crude. These organic products are delicate, elliptical and have a lot of tissue. They are sweet in taste, with a dim earthy colored tone. This makes the assortment reasonable for table purposes. The typical yield of the Hayany assortment per palm is around 30-40 kg.


The dates of the Deglet cultivar are accessible all through the time of pre-fall and fall. The dates of this assortment are medium in size and are yellow to golden in variety. The dates are crunchy and have a semi-dry surface with a major seed. The dates of this assortment are less better than those of the Medjool assortment.


The Kimia is one of the most scrumptious assortments of dates. This assortment is famous for the substantial surface and tasty smooth skin. The dates of this assortment is brown-dark and appropriate for table purposes. These natural products might be eaten crude or dry and are an incredible expansion to different sweets.


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