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Coco Peat 5 Kg Blocks

Washed Low EC & Unwashed High EC Coco Peat 5 Kg blocks

Weighing from 4.8 to 5.2 Kg, a solitary Coco Peat 5 Kg block when hydrated with roughly 25 liters of water will gradually reconstitute to yield 60 to 75 liters. Normally stuffed in beds or as bundles of 5 pieces every, 5 Kg coco peat blocks are generally utilized in mass for making gardening soil or for developing leafy foods in soil-less development. Coco Peat 5 Kg blocks are accessible in two characteristics - Washed Low EC and Unwashed High EC

Dimension :

30 cm x 30 cm x 12 to 15 cm

Materials :

Coco Peat

Loadability :

Upto 26 tons per 40ft HC


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